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I assure you, there is nothing wrong with me; I just want Apps.

This YouTube shows off the soon to be released Moodle4iPhone application to run Moodle courses through my iPhone. It isn’t a new skin or theme, it is an App, or a piece of software that you need on your iPhone that will display a Moodle course in a way that makes it easy to navigate and use many of the common Moodle-y tools.

Because it is an App, that means I won’t need to have people select the right skin, or clumbsily try and move around a page that was designed for 10 inch+ monitors on their little phone.

I’m too excited about this, and as soon as it is released I’ll be downloading the App and testing it out – then when I’m happy, I’ll bring my iPhone-using students over to use this fabulous new tool!


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article: “Grow-a-Moodle”

I found this experience facinating. For starters – its going a long way towards the student-centred style of learning, next, its using technology in an open setting, handing the reigns over to the students and letting them learn how to do things themselves. The experience of the teacher was that the students rarely used the instructional materials but threw themselves into ‘playing’ with the technology. This is very Digital Native.

Think about:

  • – what would need to be in place to do this experiment?
  • – how could you assess this sort of a project?
  • – what age/intelligence-types (such as Gardners) would find this project daunting?
  • – do you think that group work or personal work would be more effective?
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