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Oh frabjous day!

In a missive that made designerds and code monkeys everywhere swoon with Valentiney love, our sweetheart Google announced they would stop supporting IE6. Or as our codeslingers call it, IE666. Google pulled out their vorpal blades and with a snicker-snack, they left IE6 dead. Hearing the news was just like being in high school and getting a pass out of P.E. We are chortling with joy. Callooh! Callay! We love you, Google. Muah! Now, if you could only do something about Comic Sans and Papyrus fonts…

[from ThinkGeek email dated 2 Feb 2010]

When internet big boys Google decide to no longer support something, you know that it is time to switch.

Of course, you can always upgrade to Internet Explorer 9.0, the latest version of the browser only popular because it comes preinstalled on computers with Microsoft Windows, but there are greener fields.

The browser that most internet sites are developed for is Firefox (now in version 3.6), and Chrome is also a contender with Google backing it.

What I use on my Linux at home, as well as Windows at work is Firefox, but for my Mac I prefer Camino – it is based on Firefox code but I enjoy the interface much more.

Whatever flavour of browser you chose to go with, if you have been running IE 6.0, its time to change for the better.


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