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article: Here’s Why You Need an E-Learning Portfolio

Here is an excellent article about e-Portfolios. It focuses more on keeping it up to date so that you have a ready-made CV of accomplishments, but that is just as important for teachers as it is for other professionals. As student-teachers, building a portfolio offline is important, but now having an e-Portfolio online is proving to be more flexible and always ready to show your accomplishments to anyone with an internet connection – and an interest. See the two YouTube clips in the last article for some more information about how powerful e-Portfolios can be for the individual and the organisation.

For networking, collaboration, and something to show off your skills – there is nothing to beat a good, well-thought out e-Portfolio, and this article will help guide you through the basic building blocks to create a great one.

– Reading this article, do you feel as though you have a good understanding of -what- to use an e-Portfolio for?
– Work is being done into how to use e-Portfolios as part of assessment, think about how this might be used to assess project-based work.
– Do any of your associates use e-Portfolios? What ones do they use (Linked In and me.edu.au are popular free ePortfolios)?
– If you were to set aside a little time each week for professional development, could you start by setting up an e-Portfolio?


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When I first saw e-Portfolios (for example – my me.edu.au portfolio also my LinkedIn page) they looked like a somewhat-interactive CV of activities and achievements. Useful, yes, but not like what the bigger e-Portfolios do.

I’ve been taking a look at a FOSS (Free Open Source Software) e-Portfolio software called Mahara AND at the same time reviewing clips on e-Portfolios (like these two clips…)

There seems to be a big difference between the ‘thing’ described in the clips (like Mahara) and what I had previously know as e-Portfolios. The e-Portfolios in the clips seem to have a huge amount of ability around networking principals in addition to the Pretty Page where someone might read a little about you.

Something to think about…
– If software like Mahara can display the ‘CV-style’ e-Portfolio, as well as have all the bells and whistles of collaborative working, should we be more likely to navigate ourselves over to this sort of system?
– How many e-Portfolios do you have? Do you keep them all up-to-date?
– Would you want different categories of people to view your e-Portfolio differently? (for example, a potential employer to see something different to a collegue)

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