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article: Here’s Why You Need an E-Learning Portfolio

Here is an excellent article about e-Portfolios. It focuses more on keeping it up to date so that you have a ready-made CV of accomplishments, but that is just as important for teachers as it is for other professionals. As student-teachers, building a portfolio offline is important, but now having an e-Portfolio online is proving to be more flexible and always ready to show your accomplishments to anyone with an internet connection – and an interest. See the two YouTube clips in the last article for some more information about how powerful e-Portfolios can be for the individual and the organisation.

For networking, collaboration, and something to show off your skills – there is nothing to beat a good, well-thought out e-Portfolio, and this article will help guide you through the basic building blocks to create a great one.

– Reading this article, do you feel as though you have a good understanding of -what- to use an e-Portfolio for?
– Work is being done into how to use e-Portfolios as part of assessment, think about how this might be used to assess project-based work.
– Do any of your associates use e-Portfolios? What ones do they use (Linked In and me.edu.au are popular free ePortfolios)?
– If you were to set aside a little time each week for professional development, could you start by setting up an e-Portfolio?


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When I first saw e-Portfolios (for example – my me.edu.au portfolio also my LinkedIn page) they looked like a somewhat-interactive CV of activities and achievements. Useful, yes, but not like what the bigger e-Portfolios do.

I’ve been taking a look at a FOSS (Free Open Source Software) e-Portfolio software called Mahara AND at the same time reviewing clips on e-Portfolios (like these two clips…)

There seems to be a big difference between the ‘thing’ described in the clips (like Mahara) and what I had previously know as e-Portfolios. The e-Portfolios in the clips seem to have a huge amount of ability around networking principals in addition to the Pretty Page where someone might read a little about you.

Something to think about…
– If software like Mahara can display the ‘CV-style’ e-Portfolio, as well as have all the bells and whistles of collaborative working, should we be more likely to navigate ourselves over to this sort of system?
– How many e-Portfolios do you have? Do you keep them all up-to-date?
– Would you want different categories of people to view your e-Portfolio differently? (for example, a potential employer to see something different to a collegue)

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article: “Grow-a-Moodle”

I found this experience facinating. For starters – its going a long way towards the student-centred style of learning, next, its using technology in an open setting, handing the reigns over to the students and letting them learn how to do things themselves. The experience of the teacher was that the students rarely used the instructional materials but threw themselves into ‘playing’ with the technology. This is very Digital Native.

Think about:

  • – what would need to be in place to do this experiment?
  • – how could you assess this sort of a project?
  • – what age/intelligence-types (such as Gardners) would find this project daunting?
  • – do you think that group work or personal work would be more effective?
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